Tag Management Training That Actually Sticks

Hands-on training that works outside the classroom!

Let’s start with the what-you-get. By the end of the course, you’ll have used tags to detect:

  • Downloads
  • Clicks on outbound links
  • How far people scroll down a page
  • Form submits
  • YouTube activity
  • And much more!

You learn by doing – particularly if it’s tag management! You’ll spend the course in your tag management playground (that you’ll continue to use, post-course), including your:

  • Google Blogger website (with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics)
  • Google Tag Manager account.

Our  courses use Google Tag Manager. Why? Because it’s the most used TMS* – and it’s free! You’ll benefit even if you choose another TMS – our hands-on courses help attendees get comfortable with the new concepts.

More details, including the full course outline:

* Most used TMS according to Datanyze and BuiltWith


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