Google Data Studio Course Outline

Google Data Studio Course Outline2020-03-19T15:18:38-04:00

Training Course Outlinefor Google Data Studio Course

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Google Data Studio
    • Overview of the Data Studio interface
    • Reports and Data Sources
  • Effectively Communicating Data & Insights
    • Principles of data visualization
    • Choosing a suitable chart type for your data
    • Working with colour and formatting
  • Connecting to Data
    • Connecting to Google Analytics
    • Connecting to Google Sheets and other data sources
  • Cleaning and Calculating
    • Using calculated fields to clean data
    • Creating calculations and ratios
  • Building Reports & Dashboards in Google Data Studio
    • Creating charts and tables
    • Using various chart types:
      • Area chart
      • Bar chart
      • Bullet chart
      • Geo map
      • Pie chart
      • Scatter plot
      • Scorecard
      • Table
      • Time series
    • Applying filters
    • Customizing style and formatting
  • Sharing & Collaboration
    • Report sharing options
    • Collaboration features

Hands-on exercises will be used to maximize your learning. During this Google Data Studio training workshop, you will:

  • Create your own Google Data Studio dashboard using Google Analytics data
  • Create a Data Studio report using a provided Google Sheets data source (not from Google Analytics)

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*Subject to change as Google Data Studio evolves

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