Google Analytics Course Outline

Google Analytics Course Outline2019-04-18T12:24:49-04:00

Course Outline* for Google Analytics Course

  • Build a Strong Foundation 
    • How to Get the Most Value from Analytics
    • Creating a Measurement Plan
    • How Google Analytics Works
    • Accuracy versus Precision
    • Start Your To-Do List to Improve Your Data Quality
  • Answering Questions
    • Learning about Your Audience
    • Analyzing Campaigns & Sources of Traffic
    • Understanding your Visitors’ Behaviour
    • Measuring Value using Conversion Reports (Goals & Ecommerce), Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution Modelling
    • Filtering & Segmenting
  • Extracting Insight and Communicating Value
    • Designing proper Marketing Campaign Tagging
    • Customizing Reports & Dashboards
    • Exporting, Emailing & Sharing
  • Beyond Basics
    • What is Google Tag Manager?
    • Advanced Topics
      • Custom Dimensions & Metrics
      • Pre & Post Login Tracking (known cryptically as “UserID override”)
      • Data Import
      • Calculated Metrics
    • Exporting & Automating with Google Spreadsheets and Data Studio (NEW!)
    • Google Analytics 360 (formerly known as Google Analytics Premium) – Expanded Integrations with DoubleClick and BigQuery

Learning Google Analytics is a skill.  It takes time to practice and learn.

*Subject to change

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