GA4 Classroom Course Outline

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Course Outline* for Google Analytics 4

  • Build a Strong Foundation
    • How to Get the Most Value from Analytics
    • Creating a Measurement Plan
    • How Google Analytics 4 Works
    • Start Your To-Do List to Improve Your Data Quality
  • Built-in Reports
    • GA4 Metrics and Dimensions
    • Google’s Life cycle and Business Objectives Collections
    • Comparisons and Filters
    • Events and Parameters
  • Exploration Reports
    • 6 Types of Explorations and when to use them
    • Exporting and Sharing
  • Sandbox site
    • Create your Sandbox site using Google Blogger, and install a brand new GA4 property using Google Tag Manager
    • Adjust GA4 Property settings, including Data Collection, Retention, Session length, Engaged session length
    • Set up Enhanced Measurement
    • Set up Conversion Events
    • Set up Custom Dimensions and Metrics
    • Change the Reports Navigation
    • Connect Search Console and uncover the hidden Search Console collection of reports

Learning Google Analytics is a skill. It takes time to practice and learn.

*Subject to change

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