Google Analytics 4 Course – 2-day Classroom Training
for Analysts & Site Owners

Google Analytics 4 Course – 2-day Classroom Training
for Analysts & Site Owners


9 am to 5 pm
(2-day classroom course)


Bloor Islington Place

East Tower
12th Floor Conf Room
3250 Bloor Street West

Toronto, Ontario




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Next course:
January 2024 (dates TBD)
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Want to use Google Analytics 4 (GA) to help make better decisions? Improve results?

Already using Universal Analytics but need to learn to set up GA4 quickly?

You will learn the basics of setting up GA4 properly and how to use Google Analytics 4 to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your website interactions and marketing campaigns, so that you increase conversions, leads and sales.

I came away with great knowledge, many follow-up resources and best of all, many ideas for my business. The instructor moved easily from the technical details to the business impact. She made it easy to connect all the dots from both the business and technical perspectives!


Who is this course for?

  • Digital or web analysts
  • Agencies & Freelancers wanting to help businesses use GA4
  • Universal Analytics (GA3) users just starting to use GA4
  • Web site or product owners


What will I learn?

Bring your own laptop – this is a hands-on learning course. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Use Google’s Built-in Reports and Exploration Reports to answer questions about your visitors – Who are they? Where are they from? What are they doing? What are they worth?
  • Correctly tag marketing campaigns so that data properly populates reports.
  • Understand why a Measurement Plan is critical, and learn how to decide which KPIs and goals are most relevant to you.
  • Create your own Sandbox Site with Google Blogger. In your Sandbox site, you will:
    • Set up a GA4 Property and understand Property Settings
    • Set up GA4 Enhanced Measurement
    • See the impact of changing Google Signals on Thresholding
    • Create custom reports and conversion events
    • Create custom metrics and custom dimensions
    • Customize the Reports Navigation to suit your organization
    • Integrate with Google Search Console and uncover the hidden Search console Reports

      I’m not a developer. Why do I need this Sandbox?
  • Understand the types of interactions invisible to you unless custom tracking is added. Make a list of interactions you are “blind” to on your site, that you need to talk to your tech team about.
    Click here to see the full Google Analytics course outline


Why a GA4 Sandbox is the best way to see what is possible with GA4

A simple website under your full control allows you to practice and “see” the following without needing your organization to give you “Editor” level GA4 access to your organization’s GA4 property. This site with a brand new GA4 property will take less than 30 minutes to set up from scratch.

This 2-day course has a 1-week break to allow you accumulate data for more meaningful hands-on exercises on day 2.

At the end of this course, you will have had hands-on experience doing the following:

  • Change the Reports Navigation completely, even hiding Google’s built-in reports
  • There are no equivalents to Universal Analytics’ Views. Creating Custom Collections of Custom Reports is the closest substitute.
  • Create Conversion Events
  • Create and Modify Events
  • Create Custom Dimensions & Metrics
  • Uncover the hidden Search Console reports
  • Explore the effect of Reporting Identity on Data Accuracy
  • View Change History
  • See what options are available for Enhanced Measurement, including on-site search settings

And, if Google releases additional GA4 capabilities, you can test this out. For example, earlier in April, additional options for the Conversion Event counting method were launched.


If you are looking for an introduction to Google Analytics, Google offers FREE introductory GA4 training in Google’s SkillShop.

We also offer private, customized Google Analytics 4 courses using your own data and measurement model. Visit our FAQ for more information, or contact us to discuss options.

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