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We teach, train and coach business people to be better analysts, not metrics specialists more akin to tool pushers or data pullers.

What’s the most important analytics tool? The human brain.

  • Analytics tools provide data.
  • Analysts provide analysis.
  • Analysis leads to insight, the identification of new untapped opportunities, and taking action.  And taking action is the only thing that can lead to the realization of value.

Analysts are not born.  They are educated, trained and coached in the application of analytics tools.

To help boost the performance of analysts, ClickInsight provides custom analytics training for Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics through our Analytics Capability Builder Program, as well as in-classroom training for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio.

> Course Outline for Google Analytics / Analytics 360 Training
> Course Outline for Google Tag Manager / Tag Manager 360 Training
> Course Outline for Google Data Studio Training Course


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