Analysts are not born. They are educated, trained and coached to apply analytics tools.

What’s the most important analytics tool? The human brain.

  • Analytics tools provide data.
  • Analysts analyze.
  • Analysis leads to insight, the identification of new untapped opportunities, and taking action. And taking action is the only thing that can lead to the realization of value.

We teach, train and coach business people to be better analysts, not metrics specialists.
We’ll train you to deliver relevant, actionable insights, not charts and tables of numbers.

ClickInsight provides custom analytics training through our Analytics Capability Builder Program, as well as online and classroom courses.

Get Hands-On Training That Sticks

Analytics is best by doing, not watching. That’s why all our courses are designed to give attendees a real, hands-on learning experience.

  • Our Google Analytics course attendees analyze their own data during in-class exercises. If you don’t have an account or access, we’ll provide you with access to a Demo account, so you won’t miss out on the experience.
  • Attendees of our Google Tag Manager course will set up your very own GTM playground on a website you’ll manage, which you’ll get to keep and continue to use post-course.
  • Our custom training programs are tailored to your business goals and analytics needs. You learn by working in your own accounts, analyzing your own data, building analysis and reports that will help you immediately.

Our courses help attendees get comfortable with new concepts, and gain confidence with real analysis, application or implementation.

We deliver training that sticks, and continues outside the classroom.

Not sure whether to take an online interactive classroom course or invest in custom analytics training? Contact us to discuss which training solution is best for you or your team.

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