Troubleshooting Checklist for Strange Data

Troubleshooting Checklist for Strange Data2019-04-18T12:24:53-04:00

Most of my data on my Google Analytics, including web site traffic has completely changed after a refresh of the page. The numbers have completely changed from the four hundreds to eight eight. Why would this happen and can I get the data back?

Occasionally, we receive questions such as above.  Here’s a troubleshooting checklist for getting to the bottom of strange data:

☐ Have you unknowingly switched profiles or accounts?

☐ Is the date range correct or has it changed?

☐ Could you have clicked on another tab or metric group, such that the metrics in the columns have changed?

☐ Is an Advanced Segment applied that should not be applied?

☐ Is an in-report filter applied that should not be applied?

☐ Are you selecting such a large date range that sampling has been triggered?

☐ Are you looking at a Shortcut, mistaken for a Standard Report?

Historical data is typically not affected by user interface problems, so if you are seeing historical data problems, it could be that there’s a problem with the interface.  Log out and log back in.

Google Analytics has had occasional data problems.  So it may be a good idea to check the Google Analytics Status Dashboard, and search on Twitter.

If none of the above is the problem, contact us for assistance.  We troubleshoot in as cost-effective manner as possible.  We will need Admin access to your account as we will want to check the change log.