Multi-Channel Funnel Reports Help Solve the Attribution Puzzle

Multi-Channel Funnel Reports Help Solve the Attribution Puzzle2019-04-18T12:24:53-04:00

Unleash the power of Google Analytics
Get more clarity about how your marketing channels drive conversion.

Google Analytics has evolved significantly. The flow and path reports in the Conversions section provide awesome visualization.  Let’s see how you can use the Multi-Channel Funnel reports to better understand channel and campaign attribution.

The ‘Multi-Channel Funnels’ area in the Conversions section has many different facets.  Not only can you see how the many channel types participated in a conversion…

Multi-channel Funnel Top Paths


…you can change the primary dimension to expose other paths – campaigns, keywords, mediums.

Hint: Use ‘mediums’ if you have tagged email, banner ads and the various social network campaigns as separate mediums using the ‘utm_medium’ parameter.

With keywords, if you are running paid search campaigns that have been properly tagged, you will be able see how the paid and organic search keywords participate in a conversion (you’ll have to use a second browser window – complex but worth it).

In the left report navigation, there are other reports available that will show you:

  • Assisted Conversions – How the channels assisted each other in conversions.
  • Time Lag – The number of conversions where the path spanned 1, 2, 3 or more days.
  • Path Length – The number of channel steps in a path, before conversion occurred.

You and other marketers in your organization probably have hypotheses about how people convert and which channels, campaigns and keywords support each other.  Use these reports to confirm your belief or raise new questions.

Important: These path reports rely on cookies.  Many visitors now own more than one browsing device – laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone.  So if a visitor has used more than one device in their journey, these paths may not be completely accurate.  One sure sign that more than one browsing device is in play (or visitors are deleting cookies) is a high level of conversion from the Direct channel, and on organic branded keywords, in single visits, when you know it’s unlikely a simple one-visit decision that’s involved.  These visitors had to be introduced to your company and product in a visit earlier than the one when they converted.

If you find that you don’t have any data in this area, do you have any conversions configured?  If neither e-commerce nor goals have been set up, you won’t have any conversions and there won’t be any data in this area.

As you can see in the above image, help is available in the left navigation (scroll down in your account). Beyond self-serve, if you need help interpreting your reports or setting up conversions, do contact us.

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