Multi-Channel Funnels: How to Create Custom Organic Search Channel Groupings

Multi-Channel Funnels: How to Create Custom Organic Search Channel Groupings2019-04-18T12:24:53-04:00

Organic keywords signify intent and how advanced a visitor is in their information-seeking journey — except when they’re logged into a Google account and show up as ‘not provided’.
> read why some keywords are ‘not provided’

To make multi-channel reporting more useful, we suggest segmenting by intent and focus by creating custom channel groupings for the organic channel.

So instead of seeing this…MCF Channel Grouping

You’ll see this… What You Will See After

“UB” represents a grouping of unbranded/generic keywords. “Target” includes the keyword themes we’re most interested in, and “Other” includes all other keyword phrases.

Here’s how to create your custom channel grouping:

Step 1 – In the Top Conversions Paths or the Assisted Conversion report, click on the Channel Groupings and select Create a custom Channel Grouping:Step 1

Step 2 – In the pop-up window that opens, add a name for your new Custom Channel Grouping and click on Define a new channel:

Step 2

Step 3 – Create your custom Not Provided rule, select a colour for your rule, and press done:Step 3

Step 4 – Create the other three Branded, Unbranded Target and all other keyword rules.

Remember to add a medium matches organic rule, so that you don’t inadvertently pick up Pay-per-click keywords also.

Create the Branded Organic rule using variations of your company and product brand names to populate the regular expression string:Step 4

Create the Unbranded Organic rule using variations of your most important generic keyword phrases:Step 4b

Create the catchall, for all other keywords, excluding “not provided”, branded and unbranded target keyword strings:Step 4c

Congratulations, you should now have 4 rules. Save your custom channel grouping:Final Result

Feel free to continue on and assign your own custom colours for direct (we like bright blue) and also add Pay-per-click and other groupings.

Once you’ve created one Custom Channel Grouping, it’s easy to copy it to and edit it to create other additional groupings by:

  • Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Ad Content
  • Social Sources
  • and more…

We hope you have found this useful.  Please contact us if you require additional assistance.  Feedback and comments about this setup up guide are most welcome.

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