Can a Deleted Google Analytics View (Profile) be Restored?

Can a Deleted Google Analytics View (Profile) be Restored?2020-04-21T10:05:02-04:00

All too frequently, we receive requests for help because a Google Analytics view (profile) or account has been deleted.

Can the deleted account, view or views be restored?  It depends.  If it happened in the last 35 days than yes.  If it happened last year, no.

Announced on Jan 27, 2015 Google began rolling out the ‘Trash Can‘, a new data recovery feature that will allow you restore a deleted view, property or account from your Google Analytics account up to 35 days after deletion.

Check out Google’s Help Center to learn more about the Trash Can.

Google Analytics Trash Can
Google Analytics Trash Can

Tips for Future Loss Prevention  

If this has happened to you, and even if it hasn’t, take these steps to prevent this from happening again (or at all)

  1. Only those who have a good reason to need Administrator access should be Administrators.  Everyone else should be set up with User access.
  2. Make sure your Google Analytics Administrators are properly trained and understand the consequences of what possible errors.  
  3. Validate the list of Admins at least quarterly, perhaps more frequently if you have outside contractors.
  4. Large corporations should avoid the use of ‘gmail’ logins.  Use corporate email IDs.  If a person leaves, the Human Resources department will typically disable the ID.   Arrange to be on the list to be informed when contractors and staff leave your company.  If you can’t get this co-operation, perhaps send a regular email out to all admins on recent GA changes.  Any bounced emails must no longer exist.


  1. Augustine Nicrotech 2014-10-21 at 13:15

    I have accidentally deleted my google analytic account and I think that this tutorial is best online so far

    • Kristina Brown 2014-10-22 at 11:46

      Hi Augustine,
      We are happy to hear that our blog post was helpful.
      Thank you for sharing your feedback!

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