Know Your Customer…Learn Their Words

Know Your Customer…Learn Their Words2019-04-18T12:24:52-04:00

Knowing your customer is key to successful design.

This is neither a new statement or new news.Know Your Customers....Learn Their Words

What’s often not obvious is the buried treasure that comes from knowing the words your customers think and use when describing your product or product category.

Why are these words important?

1. Content is king. Whether online or offline, content drives the connection between you and your customer.

  • Effective content converts interest to action.
  • Use the words that your customers use, not the words that you or your organization hopes they use.
  • The words customers use are the words they think with. You are more likely to connect with them in the split second before the next Web click, magazine page flip, or direct mail trip to the recycling bin.
  • The words customers use are likely the words they use when searching online.
  • Working with the words that customers use when searching will make your site more searchable on the Web.

2. Consistently use the same key words. Consistency reduces confusion.

  • Use the same key words and phrases in both offline and online communication with your customer.
  • Use the same words where possible in your Web site’s navigation areas.

We use personas to identify and capture the words that resonate most with target Web site visitors.  Contact us to learn more.