Seven Step Process for Effective Web Analytics

Seven Step Process for Effective Web Analytics2019-04-18T12:24:51-04:00

7 Step Web Analytics ProcessDid you know that every action your visitors take on your website site is logged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  You can log every clickthrough from a search engine, every page  visited and every download opened.

What an opportunity to see into the hearts and minds of your Web visitors, and really get to know them.

However, many businesses don’t take advantage of this opportunity. Why? Because Web traffic data logs are an impenetrable mound of data, and the Web analytic tools called upon to interpret the data aren’t always easy to use.

All too often, Web site owners find themselves drowning in data but thirsty for information.

What’s the solution?
Focus your use of
Web site analytics tools and techniques.
Make sure you have skilled analysts who can dig with purpose and surface
the right pearls of insight.
The right insights are those relevant to you.
The right insights trigger actions that build success, however you define success.

Dive into the data, but don’t push out all information to your organization just because your tools allow you to do so.

Focus with these 7 key steps:
1. Target. Define your most important goals and those of your most important Web visitors.
2. Assess. Analyze Web traffic data to uncover what’s happening on your Web site. Identify gaps.
3. Focus. Define the gap you need to close.
4. Plan. Map out a plan to close the gap and measure progress.
5. Act. Execute the plan.
6. Measure. Gauge success using Web analytics.
7. Refine. Don’t stop now! Raise the bar, set new goals, keep climbing.

Find out what’s happening on your Web site. Can you afford not to know?
Let’s not forget, it’s just one click to”goodbye”… and over to your competition.

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