Remarketing – Get ROI from PPC
Bring non-converted visitors back to your website so you can try converting them again. PPC campaigns aren’t the only way to deploy remarketing, but using Google Adwords may be the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way to get started.

Seven Step Process for Effective Web Analytics
Make Web analytics an effective organizational partner using this 7-step iterative process.

Six Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Web Analytic Implementation
Avoid common pitfalls of Web analytics implementation.

How to Select a Web Analytics Tool
No tool is a silver bullet. Here’s a framework to help you define your needs and evaluate Web analytics tools.

Analyst skills for Effective Web Analytics
Learn what skills are required for analysts who effectively leverage Web analytics for improved business performance. It’s more about business than technology.

Web Site Pre-Production: Foundation for Success
All too often, search engine marketing, customer experience design and Web analytics are implemented just before a campaign or Web site goes live. Read why you’re projects will be more successful if you begin this work at the start of the project.

Personas: Designing for People
Learn how to design marketing campaigns and Web sites for real people, not faceless “users”.

Know Your Customers…Learn Their Words
On the Web, content is king. Using the right words is critical.

Bridge your Marketing Results Gap with the Web and Web Analytics
Learn how Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be used to improve advertising, direct mail and brand messages and deliver measurable results.

Integrate Online and Offline Tactics
For more effective customer contact and higher profits, interweave online and offline marketing tactics.

Things to Do to Help Your Customers and Search Engine Crawlers
Seven tips on how you can make your Web site more visible to search engines and more useful to your customers.

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