Visualization & Report Creation

Visualization & Report Creation2021-07-19T11:54:44-04:00

To make an impact, gain an edge, be remembered and acted upon, you need to present the significance and meaning of your data, not your data.

Visualizations with Impact drive ActionMore often then not, the common idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies.

Recast for analysts, we say “a visualization is worth a thousand data points”.

To provide our clients with effective visualizations, we use our proprietary 5-step process:

  • Define the issue or problem that is the focus of analysis
  • Define the questions to be answered
  • Characterize the audience
  • Classify whether the product will serve a monitoring, scorecarding or evaluating purpose
  • Design, create, test and refine the product

The final product might consist of interactive reports, dashboards or presentations.  Tools used are the least important aspect of visualizations.  Our most frequently used tools for interactive visualizations are Tableau, Excel and Google Data Studio.

Although we can’t share our clients’ work with you, here are some visualizations created with public data using Tableau:

Google Data Studio Rio 2016Interested in Data Studio Applications?
Read 7 Reasons to Use Data Studio with Google Analytics.

If you would like to learn to use Data Studio, check out Google’s Data Studio Gallery.  We’ve made available a dataset and visualization for the RIO 2016 Olympics.  If you’d like to play with this report and data yourself, sign with a Google login ID and download a sample Google Data Studio dataset and visualization.

Interested in Data Studio Training?
For a faster start with Data Studio, check out our 1-day intensive Google Data Studio course.  If you’re training group of 10 or more, ask us about custom training.

No time to create visualizations yourself?

Do you need data visualization help? Our clients use our reporting and visualization services to represent their data accurately with impact.

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