Google Optimize 360

Google Optimize 3602020-04-20T12:17:29-04:00

Looking for a quick launch testing tool with minimal ramp up requirements?

Annoyed your website testing data is siloed outside your digital analytics tool?

Test – adapt – personalize

With Optimize 360, your marketers set up tests in no time. Testing easily and more often, using your own data to deliver a better experience. Optimize every part of your web site.

Optimize’s drag-and-drop editor, with direct preview, enables rapid set up of A/B, multivariate, or redirect tests. Quickly test out any hypothesis … change just about anything on your site … almost immediately see the impact on visitor behavior.

Put your customer insights to work

Integration with Google Analytics gives you the head-start insights you need to develop an optimized customer experience. Increase revenue at a lower CPA, by getting granular with your testing.

Fit the moment to the visitor

Discover what works in the moment – deploy that experience to your customers at the right time.

Businesses of any size

From small business to enterprise, improve customer experience and e-commerce success.

Rapid set-up

Quickly implement Optimize across your entire site and start running tests in no time.

Speed of time-until-deployment (some customers say as much as 16-20 times faster) is a game changer – it’s now feasible to optimize every part of your site, continually optimize your home page, and personalize to each customer.

Seamless and supercharged for Google Analytics users

Use the customer insights you’ve configured within Analytics to test against the metrics that matter for you – e.g. ad revenue and e-commerce transactions — without development work.

Further integrations

Use the Analytics integrations with AdWords, BigQuery, DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and Firebase for deep analytics.

Tagging and algorithms

  • No need to re-tag your website to measure test performance – continue measuring and analyzing through Google Analytics
  • Google’s algorithms determine the likelihood for a variant to win, based on your goals (Google Analytics goals or custom) and start diverting traffic ASAP to the best outcome

Audience targeting options – you have many choices

  • URL
  • Google Analytics Audiences
  • Google AdWords (beta, search only)
  • Behavior (time since first arrival and page referrer)
  • Geography (city, region, metro, country)
  • Technology (browser, OS, device category, mobile device info)
  • JavaScript variable
  • First party cookie
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Query parameter
  • DataLayer variable

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