Analytics 360 (Premium) Benefits

Analytics 360 (Premium) Benefits2020-04-20T09:52:33-04:00

Going beyond the comprehensive and easy-to-use features of Google Analytics Standard1, Analytics 360 (formerly known as Google Analytics Premium) enables you to extract more value from unique knowledge about your visitors faster and with greater ease, thereby accelerating performance from your marketing and digital investments.

The benefits to you and your organization will be unique.  We hope the following short summary will spark new ideas, or at the very least trigger questions of the “What if…?” variety.

Advanced Analysis capabilities allow you to interrogate relevant data with greater ease and hone in faster on answers to complex questions about your visitors’ online behaviour. Analytics 360 features that deliver this benefit are:

  • Data-driven attribution modelling.  Enable your own data model rather than settling for first-click, last click or manually input models
  • Faster and deeper insights from integration with Display & Video 360 (formerly DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Bid Manager, and Studio)
  • If you’re crashing Excel with your multi-dimensional analysis, analyze your Analytics 360 data using Google BigQuery, a powerful on-demand big data analysis engine.  Use BigQuery to process hit level data, including historical data, and merge with large external datasets

Higher Service & Support Levels allow you spend less time on infrastructure and more time focusing on identifying opportunities, extracting insight and taking action to create real value from analytics.  Features that support this are:

  • Reporting up-time guarantee 99%
  • Collection up-time guarantee 99.9%
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly allocation of “ask us anything” support hours you can use for Requirements Analysis, Analysis Design, Implementation Audit and Analysis Support or Training

More High Quality Data, More Power Guaranteed, meaning that you can more reliably organize, segment and analyze your data at your desired level of granularity, as you need to and when you need to.  Fewer barriers to analysis means less frustration and more productivity.  Features delivering this capability are:

  • Faster processing with a guaranteed 98% minimum data freshness within 4 hours, starting at up to 500 million hits2 per month
  • 200 Custom Dimensions and Custom Metrics in Universal Analytics.  Add extra attributes to your visitors, friendly names for your campaigns, or name your metrics what you want (signups, subscriptions, downloads…)
  • Unsampled reporting gets you to insights faster, by reducing the hassle of exporting to offline tools and re-aggregating before analyzing, or using 3rd party tools, thus saving immense time while minimizing the possibility of errors in the data manipulation process
  • Roll-up reporting without double-tagging
  • Google Tag Manager 360 is included without additional cost in the Google 360 Service Level Agreement

Indeed, the list of Analytics 360 features is comprehensive.

However, the benefits of Analytics 360 will be a combination unique to you and your organization  – a synergy that will be much more exciting than the generalized benefits above.

If just a few of the benefits catches your eye, let’s talk.  Send us an email or call.  Let’s explore how Analytics 360 might be a benefit to you.

1 Google Analytics Standard is the free version of Google Analytics.  All of Google Analytics Standard standard reports and extra features are included in Analytics 360, such as:
  • Customizable segments, reports, dashboards, automated emailed reports
  • Data uploads
  • Enhanced commerce
  • Custom definitions (dimensions and metrics)
  • Calculated metrics
  • Real-time reports
  • Alerts
  • Demographic and interest data
  • Integration with Google Search Console, Ads (formerly AdWords), and AdSense
  • Continuous user experience improvement and feature addition by Google

2 Hits are the sum of pageviews, events, ecommerce and social actions