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Is your website helping you increase leads & sales, reduce costs or raise customer satisfaction?

  • Don’t know and feel you’re “flying blind”?
  • Disappointed your website’s not delivering the sales prospects you expected?
  • Don’t know if the problem is lack of traffic?
  • Plenty of traffic but you’re puzzled by the lack of high quality leads?

To improve performance, you need a web traffic baseline from which you can measure improvement.  To create a website’s traffic baseline, you need a web traffic tracking tool so you aren’t “flying blind”.  Google Analytics may just be the ideal tool to stop you from flying blind.

How can we help?  ClickInsight is a Google Marketing Platform Certified Company, with product certifications in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize and Data Studio.
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Talk to us if you require help with any of the following:

  • Installing Google Analytics Google provides an extensive self serve help center to help you get started with Google Analytics but if you would like someone to jump start your tagging or work with your website developer, we can help you generate, install and check that Google Analytics is tracking correctly.  For new Google Analytics installations or re-designs, we always use Google Tag Manager.
  • Making sense of Google Analytics Data You’ve had Google Analytics for a while now.  Although the data is interesting, you’re having trouble figuring out what to do with all the data and all the reports.   Which reports should you be looking at?  What can you conclude from the data?
  • Improving your Website’s Performance You’ve known where you want to improve your website’s performance, but you’re not sure how to detect whether or not there’ll be a real improvement.  We can help you set up a measurement plan as part of your re-design, to ensure you do collect the data that will measure what matters.
  • Tagging Campaigns Have you implemented an email newsletter or a paid search campaign but are having trouble evaluating the impact?  Campaign tracking doesn’t happen automatically.  Some extra tagging needs to be done to signal to transfer the data to Google Analytics so that it makes sense.  We can help you properly plan, design and tag your next campaign.
  • So what contributed to performance? You’ve tagged your campaigns, reported on success, but need help segmenting the data to uncover next steps.  We can help you drill down through your data, or if tagging and set up does not allow drilldown, we’ll help you identify what needs to change in your next campaign so that you can get meaningful results.
  • Testing You’re interested in testing design options, perhaps using Google Website Optimizer.  We can help you design a valid test and implement Google Website Optimizer in A/B or multivariate modes.
  • Project Reviews or Audits From time to time, a fresh look from the outside can yield new insights as to performance improvement opportunities.  We’ve worked with a large variety of industries and clients, and this allows us to play the Devil’s advocate or provide a “cold eyes” role in reviewing your Web analytics project or plans.
  • Training We believe information is empowering.  We welcome curiosity.  We encourage our clients to analyze their own data. As part of our training, we will share with you how we would specifically monitor and analyze your website. If you want to analyze your data yourself, we’ll teach you how to do so, with your data. Looking for web analytics training courses? Check out our courses and read comments from past students on our partner page.

Contact us and tell us your analytics challenges today.  We’ll help you craft a plan to fit your schedules and budget.

Perhaps Google Analytics isn’t always the best fit web analytics tool for all organizations. Privacy policies may preclude the use of a hosted web analytics solution like Google Analytics (make sure you read and agree to Google Analytics Terms of Service before you start).

However, Google Analytics continues to be the most popular web analytics tool used by clients in our Data Breakthrough Advantage program to measure and optimize their websites.

If you’re not looking at your data, it’s a great tool to start with.  Depending on your business model, it may be the perfect fit for you.

And if it’s not a fit, using Google Analytics for a short time will help you build a better business case for a different web analytics product.

Implementing Google Analytics has been an eye-opener for many.  What are people doing on their website?  What aren’t they doing?

What’s the most common finding when Google Analytics is installed?  Most of the people who come to the website are those who already know about the company.  So if the site’s purpose was to attract new customers, it’s failing miserably. What to do?  Increase inbound marketing traffic, like organic search and exclude company traffic (internal traffic)

Unsure where to start? Contact us and share your challenges with us today.  We’ll help you craft a plan that’ll fit your timeline and budget.