Why a Marketer Took a GTM Course

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Why a Marketer Took a GTM Course

I hear about Google Tag Manager all of the time, so to say I was intrigued to learn more is an understatement. While there are many myths and misconceptions of Google Tag Manager floating around, I was most interested in exploring the tool for three reasons:GTM Course

  1. Is it really easy to use? (I am not a developer)
  2. How can it improve my analytics tracking?
  3. How can a marketer (like myself) benefit from GTM without the need of support from IT?

Last week I had the opportunity to take the the two-day ClickInsight Google Tag Manager course in Toronto, instructed by Marc Soares & Max Bondarenko, and I certainly got more than I bargained for.

Over the 2 days, I not only learned how GTM works and how to implement it conceptually, but I actually implemented Google Analytics, as well as advanced tracking for downloads, videos and forms through GTM by doing a hands-on implementation in my own practice environment! I walked away excited, eager, and with my confidence boosted.

As mentioned before, I am not a developer. So why would I, as someone in marketing, take this course? That depends on your marketing role:

  • Are you currently working in Google Analytics, configuring goals, views and filters?
  • Do you work directly with IT or agencies to set up analytics tracking for your digital marketing campaigns?
    • Do you feel out of their league when talking to them about your requirements?
    • Do you understand the analytics tracking techy lingo they use?
    • Do you have to wait a long time for your marketing tracking to be implemented?

As a marketer, this course will be able to assist you in your role by allowing you to more knowledgeably work with IT. The course helped to translate the terminology in to everyday language, and allowed me to better understand what developers really mean when they speak in their lingo of tags, triggers and variables. I also now feel confident enough to make changes to our own analytics tracking when I do not have the time to wait for a developer to assist.

If you have answered yes to any (or all) of the above, learn more about our Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics course offerings.

2016 course dates are now live and Double Early Bird pricing is in effect. It is never too early to make an investment in yourself, and in making better, smarter marketing decisions!

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