Who owns Web Analytics… or ERP, CRM, BI?

Who owns Web Analytics… or ERP, CRM, BI?

In the post Who owns Web analytics?, we talked about the tensions and struggles between business and technology groups to own Web analytics. Ownership includes an obligation to not only provide the right tools and communicate insights in a timely and relevant manner, but also a responsibility to resource Web analytics. Staffing, training, prioritizing, budgeting, questioning and justifying are ongoing ownership responsibilities.

Who should own Web analytics? What’s the right answer? It depends on the organization. For more clues to ‘what’s right’, how about looking at other business processes in your organization that are strongly supported by technology?

In your organization, who owns…

  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) – integrated back-office systems crossing financial, inventory, purchasing, manufacturing and sales.
  • CRM (customer relationship management) – integrated customer contact and sales relationship management. May include personalized marketing.
  • BI (business intelligence) – industry and competitive intelligence analysis, often supported by an integrated business warehouse, which might also be linked into an internal business reporting system.
  • TQM (total quality management) – quality in manufacturing, logistics and sales. May include a six sigma program, compliance tracking program and could be linked to a larger Business Process Management (BPM) effort.

Some organizations have a functional owner, with a well-defined cross-functional matrix organization.
Some have set up separate business process groups.
Some have formed these groups within technology departments, recruiting staff from a variety business groups.

Since ERP, CRM, BI and TQM efforts are more mature, your organization has likely come to a workable balance point. Use this history to help Web analytics mature in your organization with fewer growing pains.

Does your experience support this? Or does it run counter? Any other suggestions about the thorny issue of ownership?

June Li


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