Which Chart Should be Used to Tell Your Data Story?

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Which Chart Should be Used to Tell Your Data Story?

Ever decided to opt for an area graph because it looks more interesting? Perhaps you are utilizing the ever-so great pie chart to visualize different fractions of a whole.

While charts and graphs are used to visually convey messages about data, it is easy to choose a chart that does not convey your message effectively. Doing so can make your key takeaways difficult to understand, decreasing the likelihood of any action taken on your insights.

The Data Studio dashboard below illustrates many types of charts that can be used to effectively display data. Let this be your data visualization guide to help tell the right story.

If you are looking to display survey results, bar charts can be used to illustrate size differences between data.

Perhaps you want to highlight a Key Performance Indicator — consider using a scorecard to display the metric as an absolute number.

If your data is comparing information year-over-year, a Side-by-Side Column chart can be used to effectively communicate this information.

Instead of choosing a fancy looking chart, go for an option that communicates your message properly.

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