We’ve Joined The Conversation On OneDegree.ca

We’ve Joined The Conversation On OneDegree.ca

Today, I contributed my first post to OneDegree.ca. What about? “Analytics Is Not An End In Itself“(snippet below).

OneDegree was started in 2005 by Ken Schafer. It has grown, evolved and definitely worth reading daily. Earlier this year, Marketing Sherpa described OneDegree as the Canadian Marketing Blog by in their Special Report: How to Market to Canadians Online.

Not limited to just marketing in Canada, it’s more what marketers in Canada are reading, thinking, doing and jousting about.

Do you agree or disagree? Do you think analytics is a means or an end? Comments welcome here or on OneDegree.




Analytics Is Not An End In Itself

For many people, the term “Web Analytics” is meaningless or confusing. Not surprising since Web Analytics has been used to describe:

  1. The software and tools used to report about data
  2. The process of analyzing data
  3. The results and insights of the process

What’s the right answer?

All of the above!

It’s a means to an end. Think of Web Analytics as a combination of tools and analytical processes you can use to measure the results of your marketing efforts. Analysis uncovers new insights (aha’s!) into what you can do to kick your marketing performance up, one notch at a time.

How exactly is Web Analytics a means to an end? The end is a marketing goal….read the rest of the post on One Degree.ca.


June Li


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