WAA Board Voting Ends Monday, April 7: Support Alex Langshur

WAA Board Voting Ends Monday, April 7: Support Alex Langshur

Voting for the next Web Analytics Association (WAA) Board of Directors is underway, closing this coming Monday evening. Seventeen nominees are vying for 12 positions (6 are returning directors).

One of the board nominees I wholeheartedly support is Alex Langshur (read Alex’s nomination profile). It has been an absolute delight to work and collaborate with Alex on a number of industry initiatives over the last 3 years, such as the WAA University of British Columbia online Web Analytics program. Knowing how deeply involved in the industry he already is, as the eMetrics summit was winding down this past week (where Alex moderated a full day track), I asked Alex a few additional questions about his decision to run for the Board:

Q. Alex, you’ve been very involved in the WAA over the past 2 years, first on the education committee, next advocacy, and then co-founding the public sector committee. Why did you decide to run for the Board?

A.I decided to run for the Board because I have a passion for the web analytics and feel that it provides an opportunity to help grow and professionalize our industry. Being on the Board increases the scope of action and I feel after working at the committee level for a number of years, that the time is right to make that next step.

Q. What are the key issues that you feel the WAA has to address, and what will you be looking to focus on?

A. I want to focus on three key issues:
First, privacy: the EU, Canada and several states are making a lot of noise about online privacy and there has even been legislation tabled that would have very severe impacts on our industry.

We need to be proactive on this issue, to get in front of it and shape the agenda, formulate workable policy and raise public confidence it is possible to be committed to protecting personal privacy, while still supporting the needs of the industry.

Second – bigger voice for the non-ecommerce world: currently, so much of web analytics is still focused on e-commerce web sites and sites with shopping carts.

But there is a huge portion of the online world that is not about online sales (e.g. government web sites, non-profit organizations, brand building sites, etc.). I want to help bring a greater voice for the issues faced by these types of sites in WAA.

Third – a more international perspective: I’d like to help bring a greater international perspective to the Board and its discussions.

Q. Determining how to handle personally identifiable information is certainly receiving increased attention. We just heard question a few minutes ago as Jim Sterne wound up eMetrics with a last round of open questions from attendees, as to whether an IP address was PII (personally identifiable information).

Anything else, Alex?

A. Only that looking forward, I would like the WAA to be recognized as a professional, highly respected and effective association in which membership is viewed as an asset.

Thanks Alex.
Fellow WAA Members – please do vote for your Board by Monday. And vote for Alex Langshur.


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