WAA BaseCamp and Cooking Artichokes

WAA BaseCamp and Cooking Artichokes

Just returned from presenting the one-day Site Optimization seminar at the Web Analytics Association’s BaseCamp in New York. What an engaged group of interested marketers and web analysts! Great to see the rising interest in web analytics.

WAA BaseCamp has been presented in 4 cities to date (Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and New York), with one remaining for Washington D.C, right before the Emetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. Last week, I also had to pleasure of participating in the Boston BaseCamp. BaseCamp is a selective extract of the award-winning, continuously sold out WAA/UBC Web Analytics curriculum. BaseCamp is a single day, seminar format, while the UBC courses are fully online.

Today, back in Toronto, just in time for today’s members-only WAA Webcast “Web Analytics is Easy!“, with Eric Petersen. Eric has been emphasizing process, and I agree process is important. Once the process is in place, Web Analytics can indeed be easy. However, getting to “easy” ain’t so easy.

As Bryan Eisenberg said yesterday in his presentation at BaseCamp, “To many folks, Web Analytics is like cooking an artichoke…lots of effort, not a lot of return.” Bryan’s point was it doesn’t have to be that way, focus on process, people and tools, not the reverse (read Bryan’s post yesterday).

Looking forward to the Webcast, and the discussion that’s sure to follow.

June Li


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  1. Bryan Eisenberg 2007-08-29 at 12:02


    Thank you for the mention. I am glad that you found that metaphor memorable. You are absolutely correct it doesn’t need to be so hard.


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