Visualizing Canadian Federal Election Results with Tableau

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Visualizing Canadian Federal Election Results with Tableau

The promise of analytics is often that data holds the answers to many of our toughest questions, but only through applying the right tools and methods of analysis can we uncover those hidden pieces of insight. One such method of uncovering insights is data visualization—representing data in a graphic format to highlight particular patterns, trends, or relationships.

Just as approaching a problem from a different perspective can lead to observations and insights that were not apparent before, visualizing data in a different format can reveal patterns not easily noticed from a spreadsheet or text-based representation.

We saw a good opportunity for a data visualization exercise using the results of Canada’s recent federal election. Election night results of course are always filled with colourful representations of voting results across the country, usually updating in real-time as votes are counted. The relative successes and failures of each party become more apparent when viewed in a visual context.

Below is an interactive visualization of the Canadian federal election results, which we built in Tableau. It includes the results of the latest election and the previous four elections for comparison.

It is evident that the Canadian Parliament received a major shakeup as a result of the October 19 election. When the House of Commons resumes in the coming months, its composition will look very different than before.

The Liberal Party, which held only 34 seats prior to the election, will now hold a 184-seat majority and form the new government. Having lost more than a third of its seats, the Conservative Party will now form the Official Opposition. And the NDP will be relegated to third-party status, having won only 44 seats.

Hover over each coloured square to see the name of the elected candidate and riding. Use the arrow buttons to change the election year and the dropdown menu to filter the results by province or gender.

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