Visualize Your User Journey with Horizontal Bar Charts in Data Studio

Visualize Your User Journey with Horizontal Bar Charts in Data Studio

Funnels are a great way to look at each step in an ideal user journey and identify how many users continued to the next step and how many reached the goal (e.g., complete a transaction or registration) in a session.

Funnel Example

Source: Advatera

But how do you visualize this in your Data Studio dashboards and reports?

With horizontal bar charts!

A horizontal bar chart is a great way for stakeholders to visualize important user journeys for their business. Each bar represents a step in the funnel from the start of the journey to the end goal.

Horizontal bar chart example

View in Data Studio

Adding horizontal bar charts to your reports allow stakeholders to easily see conversions and visualize where users may be abandoning the flow of the funnel. This can help with identifying variables that slow down user engagement and retention, such as slow page loads or an issue with the user experience.  With these insights, product owners can identify where users are dropping off and can investigate why this is happening to fix potential holes in the user journey.

Here’s how to create a funnel visualization in Data Studio using horizontal bar charts:

Step 1: In the Add to Chart dropdown, drag and drop the horizontal bar chart into the report.

Step 2: Add dimensions to the chart that represent the steps of the funnel and add Sessions to the chart’s metrics.

Step 3: Optionally, filter the chart to include key steps in the funnel.

Step 4: Include the number of sessions for each bar of the chart.

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