Using Charts as Interactive Filters in Data Studio

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Using Charts as Interactive Filters in Data Studio

One of the key benefits of Data Studio is the ability to make your reports and dashboards interactive. Adding date range selectors and filter controls allow your readers to interact with the data and drill into segments of interest.

But have you ever wished you could filter your report simply by clicking a row of a table or selecting a bar in a bar chart? With chart interactions, you can!

In just a few clicks, you can turn any table, geo map, bar chart, or scatterplot into an interactive filter. Let’s see how.

Using Charts as Interactive Filters

1. Start with a chart

  • Create a new chart or use an existing chart in your report. Chart interactions is supported on bar charts, tables, geo maps, scatterplots, time series, area charts, and pie charts.

2. Add chart interaction

  • In the Data properties for the chart, select “Apply Filter” from the Interactions dropdown.

3. Use the chart as a filter

  • Switch to View mode, then click on a segment of your chart to apply the filter. In the image below, we have clicked to filter on California. Notice how the rest of the chart will be greyed out:
  • To remove the filter, right click and select “Reset Action” or click anywhere in the white space of the chart.
  • Making the chart report-level will enable the chart filter to apply across multiple pages.
  • Grouping charts will restrict the chart filter to apply only to the other charts it is grouped with.

It’s that easy!

In this sample dashboard, we have applied chart interactions to both the geo map and the table:

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