Using Bookmark Links in Data Studio

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Using Bookmark Links in Data Studio

Have you ever wished you could create a drill-down table in Data Studio? Have you ever needed to set default values for a multi-select filter? Have you ever wanted to use the same dashboard for different stakeholders at the same time?

These things and more can be accomplished using custom bookmark links!

By enabling bookmark links in your reports, Data Studio will automatically generate a unique URL whenever a filter selection is applied. By bookmarking this link, you can return directly to a specific filter configuration, saving you the trouble of making the same selections again.

Enabling Bookmark Links in Data Studio

Enabling bookmark links requires just a few clicks:

  1. In Edit mode in a report, select File > Report Settings.
  2. Check “Enable viewer settings in report link” under Custom Bookmark Links.

Using Bookmarks to Save Filter Settings

With bookmark links enabled, Data Studio will expose filter settings in the URL when the report is in View mode. Whenever you make a selection in a filter control, Data Studio will add parameters into the URL. This link can be bookmarked to return to those same settings later.

Here is a sample dashboard we have built to demonstrate the bookmark functionality.

Example 1: Using the same dashboard for different stakeholders

  • If you have one audience that cares about one segment (e.g. Organic Search traffic) and another audience that cares about a different segment (e.g. Paid Search traffic), you can use bookmarks to filter for Organic Search and Paid Search respectively.

Example 2: Setting default values for multi-select filters

  • Data Studio has a built-in option to set a default selection for single-select filters, but not for multi-select filters. You can use a bookmark to set default values for a multi-select filter. The preceding link will immediately select “mobile” and “tablet” in the Device Category filter.

Creating a Drill-Down Table with Bookmark Links

In the Google Analytics UI, drill-down tables are a standard feature. Clicking on a dimension value in most reports takes you to a second-level report for a related dimension. You can replicate this functionality in Data Studio using bookmark links.

The report below shows a table of Top Channels. Clicking on a channel name will open a new tab with a table of Source/Medium filtered for the selected channel. See the Drill down table example in the Data Studio Help Centre for detailed instructions on how to create a report like this yourself.

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    Can you please elaborate the steps involved in achieving the results

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      Hi Rania,

      Let us know on which steps you need help and we can try to add more detail.


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