Train like a Pro: How to get the Most out of Analytics Training

Train like a Pro: How to get the Most out of Analytics Training

Train like a ProLet’s face it—training is work!

From figuring out what type of training you need, to scheduling the time to attend, to showing up and participating… yup, training can take up time and energy!

But it’s worth it! Check out 5 Reasons for Continuous Training.

Think back to the last time you did an analytics course or workshop. You showed up, you “did the work”, and then what happened?

  1. You instantly became better, smarter, and faster at doing your job (a.k.a. instant rock star)
  2. You didn’t learn anything that you felt you could immediately apply in your job
  3. You never had the time to go over what you learned and put it into practice

The majority of bright, eager “learners” fall into categories 2 and 3 above. This is not due to a lack of good intentions or a desire to learn, but most often because they:

  • Didn’t know what they wanted to get out of the course
  • Wanted the tool to solve all their problems
  • Didn’t set aside time after the course to practice what they learned

Here are some tips for you to get the most out of your next analytics training experience so that you come out of it feeling more like a rock star:

  1. Assess your current gaps in knowledge and ability
    • What do you need to do that you currently cannot
    • What questions are you having trouble answering
    • List your needs and questions AND bring them with you
  2. Complete any suggested pre-work or pre-reading. Don’t just wing it!
    • If you need clarification, email the training organizer or course providers
  3. Show up on time for the training
    • Arriving late can cause you to miss important information and throw you off for the rest of the course
  4. Minimize interruptions. Turn off your phone! Don’t check your email!
    • You will not get the full value out of the training if your mind is elsewhere
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
    • The only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask!
  6. Network with the other participants
    • You may be facing the same challenges as someone else. Discussing your situation with others may give you new ideas and approaches.
  7. Book time with your manager as soon as you return to the office
    • You should show off what you learned and articulate how it will help you in your role and benefit the business
    • This will help get your manager on board and help you get the time needed for practice and further learning
  8. Most Important Tip: Practice what you learned, immediately
    • When it comes to analytics training, doing is the only way to really learn and understand
    • For example, say you were interested in taking ClickInsight’s Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Courses.  How much time should you spend after take the course?
      • Ideally, 2 hours per day for the next week
      • If that’s not possible, at least 2 hours per week for the first month

Remember, in order to train like a pro you need to practice. If you do not schedule time to practice, you and your organization are missing out on the value that the training could have delivered. The last thing you want is for your learning & training efforts to leave a sour taste in your mouth (not to mention missing out on the skills you hoped to develop or the value you wanted to deliver).

Let us know how your next training session goes!

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