Traffic from Mountain Dew’s “Stay Sharp” Campaign

Traffic from Mountain Dew’s “Stay Sharp” Campaign

Looking for the Mountain Dew’s “Stay Sharp” website?
Visit to view the Mountain Dew MDX commercials and the answers.

Otherwise – read on…

An earlier post about this TV campaign has inadvertently drawn much organic search engine traffic from people looking for the commercials and answers online. Hence the link to the site above.

Web analytics reports for this blog show these are traffic-driving StaySharp-related keyword phrases for the past week (most to least popular):

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This list is varied in phrasing, spelling and combinations, which will be of no surprise to SEOs. And as predicted, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t see the .tv extension in the commercial. The keyword list above shows others also searched on (granted some may have been looking for Stay Sharp Diamond Tools, but I don’t think so because this was over a holiday weekend).

My blog post isn’t the only listing pushing down on the search engine results page (SERP). If you search on mountain dew stay sharp on, is 4th on the SERP. It’s a very short listing, easy to miss. The listing immediately below in 5th place is a forum for discussing commercials that viewers hate. Here’s a short snippet of the SERP:

Google SearchWhat should be done to increase’s ranking?
More strategically placed keywords, for starters:

  1. Revise the HTML page title for to include words people are searching on and will recognize; such as “Stay Sharp with Mountain Dew MDX” or “Get answers for Stay Sharp Mountain Dew MDX commercials”.
  2. Add a description metatag that includes the keyword phrases above, in a way that makes sense to readers. This will add a couple of teaser lines below the SERP listing, making it more visible and noticeable.
  3. Add more keyword-rich HTML text to the landing page,which is mostly flash and images. This text can be inserted lower on the page (below the flash movie) and still be effective for search engines.

I also suggest buying some pay-per-click search engine ads to handle the spelling variations in Stay Sharp, mt dew and corral unusual phrases such as “mt dew sharpness test”.

This case shows once again the importance of thinking through (e.g. using personas), testing campaigns that require your viewers to do somethingwhile the campaign unfolds, and then checking to see what actually happened.

  • How likely will events unfold just as you planned?
  • What might derail your plans (your viewer) and cause unplanned outcomes?
    (This is why major brands kitchen-test the recipes they post on their websites)
  • Check your Web analytics direct access, search and referrer stats for surprises.
    What potholes developed that you didn’t foresee?
    What are you going to do about them?



Before closing… If you found the above useful, you may want to read about another interesting case of what can happen when marketers haven’t thought enough like their customers, Bell Beavers, Frank and Gordon, on

Since early 2006, Bell has used two nutty beavers, Frank and Gordon, in many of their campaigns. On the Internet. On TV. On the backs of buses.

Bell registered the URL but not OneDegree registered and redirected it to As recently as three weeks ago, the URL, which leads to, is still the “most requested article” on

Read about what Frank and Gordon have taught us, on


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