Tracking the “Internet of Things” using Google Analytics

Tracking the “Internet of Things” using Google Analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure.
– Wikipedia

With the introduction of Universal Analytics and the Measurement Protocol, tracking the Internet of Things (IoT) is accessible to everyone.

Man wearing Google GlassesBut if this still seems like science fiction to you, come to eMetrics Toronto next week to see this live in action.  Benjamin Mangold is bringing his Google Glass and Xbox Kinect setup to eMetrics.

In his session No Longer Fantasy or Fiction: Real-Life Online & Offline Data Integration, he’ll show live, on-stage, how interactions with Google Glass and Kinect are detected by Google Analytics.

After his session, Ben will let you get try it out yourself – Trigger hits in Google Analytics using Kinect.  We can’t tell you what the action is that will be detected.  You’ll just have to come to eMetrics to find out.

In addition to Ben, other eMetrics sessions that will help you get the inside track on implementing Universal Analytics to properly track the Internet of Things include:

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