Creating Thumbnail Images of Data Studio Reports

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Creating Thumbnail Images of Data Studio Reports

Did you know that Data Studio has a built-in way to export your report as an image? Using the “thumbnails” feature, you can generate snapshot images of your report in different sizes.

These thumbnail images can be used for different purposes, including creating a Data Studio Report Hub or simply exporting your report to a JPG.

Creating a Thumbnail Image of a Data Studio Report

Creating a thumbnail for a Data Studio report can be done by appending /thumbnail to the end of any Data Studio report URL. This will generate an image with the default options (320 x 420 px, automatic crop).

There are also several options available to customize your report thumbnail, which can be specified by appending an sz= query parameter to the thumbnail URL.

Any of the following options can be appended to the report URL after /thumbnail?sz=. Multiple settings should be separated using a dash (). For example, to produce a circle-cropped thumbnail of 600px width, append /thumbnail?sz=cc-w600 to the end of your report URL.

Option Parameter Description
Fixed width w<N> Sets the width to N pixels, e.g. w600
Full size image full Creates a full size image of your report
Fixed height h<N> Sets the height to N pixels, e.g. h400
Square crop c Crops the thumbnail to a square about the centre
Smart crop p Crops the thumbnail automatically
Circle crop cc Crops the thumbnail to a circle


Example 1: Default Thumbnail (/thumbnail)

Example 2: Square Crop (/thumbnail?sz=c-w300)

Example 3: Circle Crop (/thumbnail?sz=cc-w300)

Example 4: Full Size (/thumbnail?sz=full)

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