The Quick Reference Guide to GA4 Ecommerce Data in Data Studio

The Quick Reference Guide to GA4 Ecommerce Data in Data Studio

Recently, Google announced that multiple Google Analytics 4 (GA4) ecommerce dimensions and metrics are now available for use in Google Data Studio. Of course, like all things GA4, these are not exact replacements for Universal Analytics (UA). You will need to make some adjustments to account for the differences in the UA and GA4 Data Studio schemas.

In this post, we assume you are already comfortable creating dashboards. We will not be taking you through a detailed how-to, instead, we will provide a couple of tables equating the UA and GA4 dimensions and metrics available for ecommerce. To bring these fields into an existing data source, you will have to refresh the field list.

Note that, if you are looking for this kind of info on non-ecommerce items, we have a similar post that explains equivalencies between the old and new schemas in Data Studio in general.

Ecommerce Dimensions and Metrics

GA4 Ecommerce Dimensions for Use with Data Studio

The most apparent change is that where before, most ecommerce dimension names used the word “Product,” this has been replaced with the word “Item.” Moreover, “Item list ID” is an entirely new dimension. You will also note that there aren’t new equivalents for all the old UA ecommerce dimensions (at least not yet), such as the position dimensions for lists and internal promotions.

Here is a guide of UA ecommerce dimensions as equivalent to GA4 ecommerce dimensions:

Universal Analytics Google Analytics 4
Product Brand Item brand
Product Category Level 1 Item category
Product Category Level 2 Item category 2
Product Category Level 3 Item category 3
Product Category Level 4 Item category 4
Product Category Level 5 Item category 5
Product SKU Item ID
Product Item name
No Equivalent Item list ID
Product List Name Item list name
Internal Promotion Creative Item promotion creative name
Internal Promotion ID Item promotion ID
Internal Promotion Name Item promotion Name
Order Coupon Code Order coupon
Transaction ID Transaction ID

GA4 Ecommerce Metrics for Use with Data Studio

Again, the most noticeable change between the old UA ecommerce metrics and the new GA4 version update is that “products” are now “items”. Something else worth noting is that the documentation refers to “Add-to-carts” and “Cart-to-view rate”, but when connecting a GA4 data set to Data Studio, the metrics are actually called “Add-to-baskets” and “Basket-to-view rate.” There are also a couple metrics to which we didn’t have access in UA Data Studio reports: “Total purchasers” and “First time Purchasers” are new and useful additions, saving us from having to configure these metrics as calculated fields.

Here is a guide of UA ecommerce dimensions as equivalent to GA4 ecommerce dimensions:

Universal Analytics Google Analytics 4
Product Adds To Cart Add-to-carts/Add-to-baskets
Product Checkouts Checkouts
Unique Purchases Ecommerce purchases
Quantity Item purchase quantity
Product Revenue Item revenue
Product List Clicks Item list clicks
Product List CTR Item list click through rate
Product List Views Item list views
Internal Promotion Clicks Item promotion clicks
Internal Promotion CTR Item promotion click through rate
Internal Promotion Views Item promotion views
Product Detail Views Item views
Cart-to-Detail Rate Cart-to-view rate/Basket-to-view rate
Buy-to-Detail Rate Purchase-to-view rate
No Equivalent Total purchasers
No Equivalent First time purchasers


We hope this helps you dive right into Data Studio’s ecommerce reporting capabilities with GA4. If you are stuck or have any questions about GA4 ecommerce in Data Studio, please let us know in the comments below, or contact us.

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