Significant Google Analytics Segmentation Enhancements

Significant Google Analytics Segmentation Enhancements

It’s been a great eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Washington D.C. with mind-expanding sessions and wonderfully open conversations, but I have to say that Google’s announcement today was monumental.

Google Analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik excitedly unveiled 6 new capabilities in Google Analytics, “Raising the Bar” as he said, yet again. His excitement was well justified.

The significant upgrades include:

  1. New login interface that allows comparisons of all accounts
  2. New “motion charts” that allow the correlation of multiple metrics in more than 2 dimensions, with a slidebar, facilitating dynamic analysis.
  3. Adsense data now available in Google Analytics
  4. Custom reporting, with a report builder and the ability to store different reports for different manager levels, as you desire
  5. Advanced visitor segmentation
  6. The Google Analytics API. Export data to databases or to create your own custom dashboards

All these capabilities are available now. More details on the Google Analytics Blog, including demos (thank you, Jeff).

As those in my WAA BaseCamp session on Monday and eMetrics session yesterday have probably noted, in my opinion, one of the major deficiencies in Google that would cause most enterprises serious about web analytics to outgrow Google Analytics in 12-18 months was segmentation. This barrier may have now been overcome.

Thank you Avinash for creating your “list”, pushing for the changes, and to the Google Analytics development team for taking this live.

June Li

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  1. Jacques Warren October 22, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Hi June,

    I’m not in Washington, so I’m curious. Have people realized that with such evolution, Google is now officially in the Web Analytics business? With all its might and PhDs, how sustainable is it to be even in the paying WA business anymore, since GA will end up offering the same fonctionalities for free?

    I’m happy to see the new stuff and really forward to using it. But to me, that has announced the end of the market product-wise. In a few years time, there’ll be only GA and Yahoo WA, sharing 90% of the “market”.

    Am I *way* off trackS?

  2. June Li October 22, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    Hi Jacques,
    I think this is indeed a change. I think paid “web analytics” is rapidly evolving to the next phase as it integrates with business intelligence. There are already many integrations with voice of the customer and some customer experience tools.

    The “market” has evolved (is evolving?). Remember how different the market was in log file reporting days?

    As far as BI integration, Unica NetInsight has had an open schema for some time, WebTrends announced yesterday that they’re opening theirs up, and “from the other side”, i.e. BI, Teradata has just announced an integration of data streams, including web analytics, in Teradata Interactive Marketing Intelligence.

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