Share Goals in Bulk, Amongst Google Analytics Views, Accounts & Other Users

Share Goals in Bulk, Amongst Google Analytics Views, Accounts & Other Users

New Goal  ShareA little over a month ago, Google added a new time saving feature to share and copy goals.  This feature reduced goal replication tasks from minutes to seconds, and more importantly, practically eliminated the possibility for error in manually re-replicating goal across Views.

Since the long-favourite “goal copy” Firefox and Chrome plug-ins stopped working a few years ago, copying goals has been a hassle.  Not difficult, just a hassle:

  • One had to open two browser windows, and either cut and paste field info or type out each field from scratch. Tedious, to say the least!
  • Most analysts would much rather be analyzing for insights than spending even a minute manually copying goals.

Goals can now be replicated individually by those with “Edit” privileges, in the “Goals” section in Admin.  Don’t worry about leaking data. Only the rule that defines the goal is shared, not the data.  The data remains private.

Goal  Share in Google Analytics

What many have not noticed is that you can also share goals in bulk rather than individually using Share Assets in the Administrative View column.

  • To individually share each goal takes probably… hmm… 10 seconds (?)
  • So to individually share a dozen goals would take a couple of minutes.
  • With bulk share, you can share a dozen goals in about 10 seconds.  And perhaps more important, bulk copy reduces the chance of failing to copy a goal if you’re interrupted while replicating each goal individually.

Bulk Goal Share in Google Analytics

Goal copy is useful for more than just copying across Views.

Above we have a goal that counts when people stay for more than 30 seconds.  Let’s say I want to set up another goal that counts visits where people stay for more than 3 minutes.  Instead of creating the goal from scratch, I could copy the goal and just change the goal criteria from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, and save.

Read more about Goals and Sharing Assets in the Google Help Center.


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