Second Life… and Other Virtual Worlds

Second Life… and Other Virtual Worlds

Two recent “real world” events about virtual worlds:

  • Locally last week here in Toronto, AIMS held a well attended event, “The Marketer’s RoadMap to Second Life“, for newbies to those more engaged in-world.
  • Marshall Sponder has been blogging about the Virtual Worlds conference for the last couple of days.

First, about the AIMS Second Life event.

  • In the run-up to the event, AIMS helpfully posted what members are reading, sharing and learning about Second Life in the AIMS library.
  • First speaker C.C. Chapman took the audience on a blitz tour of the good, bad and ugly of Second Life. C.C. (or I should say, his avatar Cleon Goff) of crayon works in-world at crayonville*, hosts coffee every Thursday at 9 am EST, and hosted the at capacity CaseCampSecondLife last December.
  • Next, Jay Moonah, Internet consultant, musician and podcaster, shared his experience of owning property. Jay’s avatar, Weiss Plessis started first with a storefront in Music City and now owns a cottage on Soho island where the neighbours are other podcasters and media artists. He hosts concerts in-world and if you like his music, you can easily jump to iTunes. (Aside: Kathryn Lagden, General Manager of AIMS, shared with us that she had recently listened to Jay’s band, Uncle Seth, play in Second Life, from her real-life living room.)
  • Then, Kate Trgovac, described how fashion designers in Second Life launch, promote and sell their designs. High end designers will book fitting times for your avatar. (Aside: I’ve had the pleasure of going shopping with Kate and Eden Spodek‘s shopping group, After a Fashion, but we haven’t graduated to this level of sophistication yet! Most of us are still fumbling with the right commands to get our skins, hair and clothes attaching and detaching properly.
  • After C.C., Jay and Kate talked, the group broke into three groups. I stayed with the group C.C was hosting. We got to talking about the need for analytics and being able to track traffic. C.C. is aware of two efforts that are about to bring “WebTrends for Second Life” to fruition. He wasn’t at liberty to say much more. To date, he’s been using the watch provided by SLBuzz (content no longer available).
    (Aside: SLBuzz also provides Traffic Meter*. The Traffic Meter Sample [content no longer available] shows very rudimentary data, but it’s better than not knowing if anyone is coming to your site.)
  • Most memorable comment:
Virtual worlds are walled gardens.
Second Life is like AOL in 1997.
We need ONE world!

Second, onto the Virtual Worlds conference and Marshall Sponder. It’s great to see the conference through the eyes of someone always seeking to effectively measure value. Check out Marshall’s posts about:

  • Pontiac Second Life Case Study and Motorati Island. Presenter Tor Myhren (of Leo Burnett, who helped build Motorati) offered the following illuminating perspective on branding…
Branding now is now more like “Curating”
and you no longer control your brand
– you “moderate it”.
  • His interview with Jared Freedman (SL: Ancient Shriner) of Code4Software about Coldwell Banker’s SL presence and the buzz and activity created by this launch.
  • His interview with Ben James of Rivers Run Red. An interview in progress, with the intriging comments about how Rivers Run Red uses learning from “Synovate to break down all 3D Virtual World interactions based on one of 8 reasons you might have had to come in the first place…” I hope Marshall does have an opportunity to finish the interview.Thanks for blogging the conference, Marshall, and see you at Emetrics San Francisco.

June Li


*Destination page no longer exists

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  1. Marshall Sponder March 30, 2007 at 10:13 am

    Well thank you for mentioning my coverage of Virtual Worlds 2007 this week. Makes me feel I need to get into the Metaverse more often!

    I’ll also be attending a Metaverse Meetup tonight in Manhattan and I’m told many of the speakers from the show who are still in town may attend.

    And then I just need to go back and do more in Second Life. I’ll also be working on a project here at IBM as well, for the next couple of months, regarding SL – looking forward to that.

    As far as making it to EMetrics – not sure yet – if I’m elected to the Board of the WAA, there may be more of an arguement to have IBM send me, right now nothing has been set.

    I will be at SES NY next month though – incase anyone is going to attend, look me up.

    Thanks again – Marshall …and I will write about your post in

  2. June Li March 30, 2007 at 12:28 pm

    Hi Marshall,
    Look forward to hearing about the Metaverse Meetup. I’m not going to SES NY. Do hope you make it to SF.

  3. Bargainista April 2, 2007 at 10:19 pm

    June, It was great seeing in in the real world at the AIMS event.

    Thanks for mentioning our After a Fashion. It takes a long to time to reach Kate’s level of knowledge about Second Life. As a group, I think we’ve come a long way even after two meetings. I’m interested in learning more from you about metrics in Second Life and other virtual worlds.


  4. June Li April 3, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    Hi Eden,
    Thanks for commenting. I’m looking forward to the next After a Fashion excursion. Might just pick up an SLBuzz watch before then!

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