Save the Creepy for Halloween

  • Save the Creepy for Halloween

Save the Creepy for Halloween

Eerie glowing jack-o’-lanterns, frightful costumes, ghoulish tricks and overflowing bags of sweet treats can make for some haunting good fun. Throw in goblins, witches and a heart-stopping scare or two, and you may just have yourself one wickedly happy Halloween!

In the spooky spirit of Halloween, here are our top spine-chilling ways organizations are creeping out and terrifying their website visitors and customers:

  • Designing a frightful website with:
    • Slow page load times (the agony!)
    • BOO! Lurking frightful pop-ups
    • and…poor navigation (the horror!)
  • Create a vague (grey and foggy) privacy policy that communicates you will pretty much track whatever you like and will do whatever you want with the data collected until you see fit to do otherwise (like Window’s 10)
  • Haunt & stalk your customer online with uncapped creepily personalized remarketing ads
  • Leak customer’s PII and do nothing about it

Have a Safe & Creepy Happy Halloween!

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