eMetrics Presenter Robert Craig, Shares How Data Can Transform Sports Marketing

eMetrics Presenter Robert Craig, Shares How Data Can Transform Sports Marketing

eMetrics LogoI had the chance to catch Robert Craig, Manager, Business Intelligence at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment speak at the 2014 Toronto eMetrics Summit last week.

Robert is an accomplished analyst and manages data management for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC and Toronto Marlies.

Sports marketing is always changing and fast-paced, rapidly catering to the needs of a sports team’s fan base. Robert’s role is take insights derived from data collected on a team’s fan base and use these insights to assist in driving revenue to the team, while also ensuring that the loyal fans are getting the quality experience they expect when watching their favourite team.Importance of Audience Segmentation

Each sports team has distinct audience personas. Robert provided the example of the Toronto Raptors in his presentation. Taking raw data, Robert defined four main fan base segments for the team:

  1. Active Family Man
  2. Young Urban Professional
  3. First Generation Canadians
  4. Toronto Urban Elite

Each segment has different needs and are targeted with distinctive email campaigns, offers and discounts. For example, the Active Family Man segment has received offers for Sunday family games with a discount family rate.  Robert’s team will then measure ticket buying behaviour to determine:

  • Who is buying and when?
  • Are they buying consistently year over year?
  • Are first time buyers behaviour different than consistent buyers?

With ticket buying behaviour patterns, Robert focuses on buyer retention rate and buying behaviour year-over-year by audience segment. He further segments to determine which segments are:

  • Highly engaged customers
  • Detached buyers

Robert works closely with the marketing team to design promotions that are distinctive for these two audience segments. For example, the highly engaged customer audience may receive a “Guys Night Out” offer, while the detached buyers would receive a “win-back” discount offer.

The measurement doesn’t stop there. With detached buyers, Robert assesses which types of offers are more effective for “win-back” campaigns, using the data to understand fan life cycle, and how to continue to engage with first-time buyers.

Audience segmentation is a crucial step in determining effective marketing campaigns. Looking at your data is the first step in determining this. Selecting and understanding 3-4 main audience segments and setting a strategy to market to these main audiences is the best approach to use your data to the fullest. It will help to drive revenue for your business and to keep your core customers satisfied.

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