Ramping Up Digital Analytics Expertise

Ramping Up Digital Analytics Expertise

Question MarkWe receive questions from time to time about how to acquire digital analytics experience, sometimes in a very specific sector. Here’s an example of a question from Peter:

I work in financial industry and looking to learn analytics related to my financial industry.
What kind of courses available, etc.?

To Peter and others who are looking to learn analytics, please start by thinking about the following:

  • What area of digital analytics are you interested in?  Marketing/campaign optimization analytics? Predictive analytics? 
  • If you’re not sure, what types of business situations are you hoping to improve or increase ROI?
  • What’s unique about your specific industry?   Where does customer value come from?
    • For example, for financial services, loyalty and retention to grow customer share of wallet are perhaps more important than acquisitions of new customers.

Courses are a good investment to develop a strong foundation to build upon. They teach you standard tactics and techniques for analytics.  Some workshops and programs are:

However, deep analytics expertise cannot be gained through courses alone.  You have to do the hands-on work to build and strengthen you analytics neurones. Practice the ‘thinking’ of analytics.  Expand your analytics experience by absorbing the learnings of numerous case studies, and then trying them out yourself.

To acquire knowledge specifically to benefit the financial industry, read blogs, develop your list of favourite social sources of information and scour the agendas of conferences and networking events.  Analysts need to apply knowledge to deliver value.  So don’t just attend financial industry sessions.  Learn from other industries.  Discuss and ask “why?” to understand why the presenter got the results they did.  Some conferences & groups that may be useful are:

Look for local networking opportunities where you can find out about even more opportunities.  For example, in Toronto, one that may be of interest is the Toronto Data Science Meetup group.

To become a proficient analyst valuable to your company, being able to apply learning is more important than knowledge itself.  Without applied learning, you will not be able to scale the analytics pyramid, and deliver ROI and value to your company.

We hope this helps!  Please comment and let us know.

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  1. April Wilson 2013-04-09 at 06:18 - Reply

    Don’t forget there are also courses at Market Motive as well as opportunities to get volunteer experience through the Analytics Exchange. Or I’m always happy to teach and tutor! (www.digitalanalytics101.com)

    Thanks for supporting the industry,
    April Wilson

    • June Li 2013-04-09 at 18:03 - Reply

      Glad to hear from you, April. I agree Market Motive and your training/tutoring are also excellent options, and Analysis Exchange is great for hands-on mentored experience.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

  2. Paul 2013-04-15 at 20:27 - Reply

    Great article, references and questions to ask yourself, June. Before making a commitment to learn analytics catch up on your reading and the internet has choke full of basic information from repuable sources.

    • June Li 2013-04-23 at 07:35 - Reply

      Hi Paul – I agree, there’s definitely no shortage of info from reputable sources on the web.

      Regarding learning analytics, why wait? Start asking questions (i.e. “Why”?) and using analytics and data to answer those questions.

      On your blog, it’s great that you advise “Don’t Treat Analytics as an Afterthought”.

      Thanks for visiting & commenting!

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