Quick Training to Sharpen your Google Analytics Skills

Quick Training to Sharpen your Google Analytics Skills

In my 5 Reasons for Continuous Training post last October, I talked about how taking an analytics course can make learning more fun and enjoyable (see reason #4).

The fun continues as Google’s Analytics Academy opened it’s new, free online Google Analytics Platform Principles course on Mar. 11, 2014.

This course covers how analytics data is collected, processed and configured in order to appear in your Google Analytics reporting. This is useful to know so you have a high-level understanding of how Google collects data, and covers aspects like sampling – an important component to keep in mind when you are collecting your data.

Google Analytics Platform Principles course registration is open until Mar. 27.

Google Analytics Platform Principles is the second installment in Google’s Analytics Academy, following the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course launched in Oct. 2013.

Digital Analytics Fundamentals is open for self-study, so you can still register!

Why take the Google Analytics Platform Principles course now?

  • To get better at doing your job…and faster too!
  • It’s free
  • It’s quick
    • Bunker down and you can complete it in as little as 1.5 hours
  • The learning materials are very digestible, with excellent visuals.
  • Get support from the course community
  • Justin Cutroni, Google’s own Analytics Advocate, is your professor
  • Complete the course and final assessment by Mar. 27 (score 80%+) and you’ll earn a certificate of completion:

Google Analytics Platform Principles Certificate

So, remember, “If you’re not struggling, you’re not learning.”

Have fun embracing analytics and continuing your learning!

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