Quick Review of comScore Digital Analytix

Quick Review of comScore Digital Analytix

This past Tuesday at eMetrics San Francisco, comScore announced the launch of Digital Analytix (press release), leveraging their acquisition of Nedstat last year. Yon Nuta’s blog post a couple of days later addresses in detail some of the ways comScore feels Digital Analytix alleviates some problems with digital data.

I had the opportunity for a lightning fast 30-minute tour of Digital Analytix on Thursday. A longer exploration is needed to do it justice, but here are a few observations & thoughts:

  • The use of “Unique Browsers” to describe visitors tracked by web analytics will help alleviate possible confusion with “Unique Visitors” in panel metrics – more info in Yon Nuta’s post Digital Analytix First to Comply with IAB and ABCe Terminology Guidelines for Counting Audience Size.
  • Video tracking will be fully integrated into video players, allowing for metadata capture and segmentation on video view progression.
  • The open ‘non-cube’ architecture allows for highly flexible correlations and uploading of CRM or other data. Indeed a benefit, although not totally new as other web analytics tools such as IBM/Unica NetInsight are also open.
  • Having demographic information is probably going to open up more conversation on privacy. If it is accurate and respects privacy, additional demographic dimensions will yield benefits, for sites that have enough traffic for statistically significant finer segmentation. Following are possibilities:
    • You’ve purchased display ads (…or Facebook ads) predicated on a particular geography, gender and age. Traffic arrives. What does Digital Analytix say about the demographic of visitors from that ad source? Is the demographic what you bought? How are they behaving and converting? Are there other demographic, geographic groups that might be untapped opportunities?
  • You’ve got some mobile apps and are thinking of doing more. Does the usage and clickthrough to your sites sync with your expected personas? Any untapped opportunities for new apps?
  • You’ve got different ad creative for different ads on different sources — Does the creative convert as you believed for your target demographic?
  • Coupling voice of the customer/satisfaction information with aligned demographic factors could be quite interesting. Going further and aligning with session replay, I wonder if this may be getting to be a little bit too much information for comfort.


Very interesting to be sure. Many thanks to Jodi McDermott, Anthony Psacharopoulos and Yon Nuta of comScore for their attention the opportunity for an early look at Digital Analytix.

June Li

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