Watch Out Psy, Here Comes Dr. Data!

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Watch Out Psy, Here Comes Dr. Data!

In 2008, I attended Eric Siegel’s Predictive Analytics course in Toronto.  When our brains were going numb, he hauled out a sound system and rapped a selection of Learn This.  We laughed until our ribs hurt!  What we found out later was that as a prof at Colombia, he regularly sang to his students.

Last week, Eric a.k.a “Dr. Data” released this hilarious video, a mashup of gangnam, old-style psychedelic and short shorts from “Wham!” (or maybe Richard Simmons workout videos).  See for yourself!

Here’s a little song about predictive analytics.
If you wanna learn, you gotta listen to the lyrics.
Listen to it twice; maybe you can memorize it.
It goes a little somethin’ like this.

I can predict your every move;
just gimme all your information.
Provide me the data to improve
and I’ll apply the computation.

Check out Eric’s Predictive Analytics World (PAW) site for the full lyrics, as well as just the audio-only mp3 version.  Infotainment it is – Here’s a concise and unique take on model creation and refinement:

The method is to modify your model incrementally.
Tweak the technique, geek, improving it incessantly.
The model is trained; machine learning is attained.
Make it rain… pop the champaign!

If it fails, the model bit it; simply put, it overfit it.
Take a minute… flip your bits and quit it.
To fix risk and quickly pick Netflix top hits that stick…
you need predictive analytics.

Dr. Data at Predictive Analytics WorldWe knew something was coming as Eric had been dropping lots of hints.

I thought we might see other popular PAW speakers in the video, such as Dean Abbott or John Elder but alas, not this time.

Well done Eric!

Oops, I mean Dr. Data!

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