Online Audience Measurement: Painting a Complete Picture (eMetrics Toronto)

Online Audience Measurement: Painting a Complete Picture (eMetrics Toronto)

Emetrics Toronto live blog #2 – consider these my notes. Any errors and omissions are my own due to my note-taking and should not reflect on the speaker. Corrections posted after will be noted and dated.
The kick-off presentation on Digital Audience Measurement (see earlier post) by Pat Pelligrini of Comscore was followed by an animated panel moderated by Jim Sterne, consisting of:
This panel, consisting of publishers, media buyers, researchers and analysts and advertisers, was invited to discuss and debate hot issues and complexities of digital online audience measurement and the significance and impact of comScore’s hybrid approach.

Maura : What’s important? Trying compare what visitors consume across media and trying to get a robust view of what the consumer if going. Important to have results weight to Canadian population, not just the ‘online’ population.

Paula : Not seeking to pit vendor vs vendor. Publisher seeking the most accurate measurement. Smaller niche sites and business internet usage were not included.

Claude : Canadian media companies are not overly numerate, including market research, stark contrast to US. Canadian traditional media is underanalyzed. And definitely underanalyzing mobile. People in trad media research have not felt ownership over online measurement as they would be broadcast media. comScore’s hybid approach is a move in the right direction and will help. Yet to be convinced full capture will be achieved, particularly French population. Use comScore uniques and comparatives against competition. Web channels becoming ever more complicated, more dynamic, more difficult to measure.

Vivian : 200+ websites Omniture drives strategic planning, content development. comScore to do comparision against competitive sites. Provides ability to look at demographicss. PMB measurement sample. Peer measurement sample. Used for demographic profiling. Appears to have higher quality than comScore. Proprietary research.

Pat : Difficulty measuring business usage because business will block the downloaded panel meter. However, beacon will improve counting, although it may not solve the problem completely, since accurate IP and company cannot be resolved.

Pat : French representation needs to be resolved by better recruitment.

Vivian: comScore’s response to publisher’s request for better data is to be applauded. Magazine and newspaper studies seem to be more accurate.

Q: Can you provide an early prognosis of what the study will help to solve and what won’t it solve? Will this close the gap in business measurement, in demographics?

Pat : Will help with the business measurement.

Pat : Full data not collected or validated for all machines right from the start.

Jim: What other day would you like to see.

Claude : We’d like to see time of day and day of week usage. We’ve been critical of comScore about the ‘at work’ gap. Is there something we as businesses or the agencies can do to help comScore.

Vivian , Maura : Privacy and security issues are prime.

Maura : Agencies seek deeper customer insight. Radio has gone to portable people meter because it’s about the person. Holy grail for agencies would like to be able to travel with the person to understand their total media consumption and it’s context.

Paula : Digital is held to a higher standard. Newer systems don’t rely on recall.

Jim : Personal RFID? 🙂

Q : Looks like we’re going to be like big brother is watching everything. What do they play, what do they watch on TV, what websites? What’s the limit?

Pat : Want to stay away from stated. Prefer to collect what is ‘revealed’ through action. Personal information is protected. Audited by privacy officers. You don’t sneak monitoring in. People are aware.

Maura : Panels are opt-in. Need to realize the public may get confused and concerned about what may appear to be the use of personally-identifiable information to serve targeted information.

Jim : Summarized by asking tweeters to summarize.

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