Not tried new Google Analytics yet? Do it before July 18

Not tried new Google Analytics yet? Do it before July 18

When you log into your Google Analytics account, are you still clicking on the tiny type Previous Interface link to get to your data? Well, you have until July 18th to transition to the new interface, the one you get by clicking on View Reports. On July 18, Google is removing the Previous Interface link to the old interface.

And a “transition” is what you’ll need. You’ll find you have to re-orient your eyeballs, look in new places for old reports. Although the new interface is richer, you’ll have to relearn the navigation and how to manipulate your data. Mid-page tabs might be “invisible” to you when you first encounter the new interface.

Last week, Google unveiled more new interface features (details). But if you’re just starting to use the new interface, I suggest you take a look at these first:

  • Product tour on-demand video covers 6 topics that will give you a feel for the interface.
  • Report finder will help you find where your favourite “old interface” report can be found. Report finder can also be accessed in the lower left navigation (Help resources) when you’re logged into the new interface.
  • Avinash Kaushik’s recommendations Do These 5 Things First in V2.
  • Justin Cutroni has done an awesome job blogging in detail about date range selector, emailing reports, sticky filters, PDF exports, custom dashboards and much more.
  • The team at ROI Revolution clarifies Three Misconceptions and provides valuable tips and learnings about the new interface.

And if you dive into Google’s help documentation and you find an error before June 26, head over to Lunametrics and enter their contest. To clarify, this is a contest to criticize Google Analytics documentation, not features.

More suggestions for great resources to help transition to the new Google Analytics interface?
Post a comment and I’ll update the list.

June Li


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  1. Vitus July 16, 2007 at 11:48 am

    Hi there,

    It would appear (google: “google analytics flash 9 abort”) that a lot of people has the “A flash script is running very slow, abort or continue” problem.

    As google will most likely fix this, it doesn’t overly concern me – but on the analytics pages google is saying that the old interface is only avail. until July 18th – so, when they remove this option of using the old version, google analytics becomes unusable to a large number of clients… I just thought I’d let you in on that! 😉

    bst rgds

  2. June Li July 16, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    Hi Vitus,
    I certainly hope issues like this are resolved. Another reason (thank you!) for folks to get into new GA, find the problems and let Google know, in droves.

    I agree there are issues (aside from newness) with the new interface. About flash problems, there’s mention also in this GA forum post.

    Plus other problems such as the usability problems with the hourly report.

    And in the Yahoo forum recently, this post about lack of “region” for Canada (and BTW for the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, etc can’t be resolved either…)

    Hopefully, these will be resolved soon, really soon. I also hope they keep posting updates on their blog, since the latest entry in What’s New with Google Analytics is from Sept 2006. [Hey Robbin, this is one error I missed for your contest LOL!]

    Thanks for commenting,


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