Why am I seeing blank rows or (not set) in my GA4 Landing Page Report?

Why am I seeing blank rows or (not set) in my GA4 Landing Page Report?

Google continues to add new features to Google Analytics 4 and one of the latest is a pre-built Landing Page report.  You should see a Landing Page report in your GA4 reports in the Engagement topics section.

GA4 Landing Page Report

This report will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your landing pages in contributing to conversions, engaged sessions and revenue.

If someone has edited or removed the Engagement topic, you may not see the report there.  You can add it via the report Library if you have Editor access privileges.

Looking at this new report for our learning portal website DigitalDojo.ca, we noticed a problem that you might also encounter.

You might notice that your top landing page shows a blank attribute, like this:

GA4 Landing Page Blank Dimension

And if you do have a blank row, could it be that your home page URL is your site’s domain plus a “/”?

That’s the situation for our website.

To confirm this, add a secondary dimension by clicking the “+” and selecting Landing page + query string. 

For our site, we see that the blank attribute landing page has a Landing page + query string of “/”.

GA4 Landing Page Blank Dimension Sec Dim

And because of this, we decided to replace the default Landing Page report with a customized report where the primary dimension is Landing page + query string, using the report Library*.

GA4 Landing Page Customized Report

We have also added metrics Sessions and Total Users to our customized report.

And noticed a new oddity… we have (not set) Landing Pages!

GA4 Landing Page (not set)

Thankfully, other metrics complete the story:

  • These (not set) pages appear to be pages already open in a browser window.
    Hence, it makes sense New Users are 0.
    A pageview event wasn’t fired because a page wasn’t loaded.
  • In this case, all 8 users over 10 sessions did not view any other pages, so Views are also 0.
  • However, the user must have started engaging with the page for (not set) to register.

And if they did indeed start to engage, there should have been a session_start and a user_engagement event

To confirm this situation, create an exploration report, like this…

GA4 FreeForm Exploration Landing Page (not set)

And indeed, there are 10 session_start and user_engagement events for the 8 users.

Mystery solved!

* We demonstrated how to use the Library by adding a new report Collection in this earlier post about GA4 not having Views.


If you have any questions about landing page reports or report customization, please drop us a line below, or describe your biggest challenge or frustration.

If you’re just getting started with GA4, check out our free 1-hour Migration Kick Start Masterclass.


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