My Interview by Marshall Sponder … and WAA Training Day is Sold Out !

My Interview by Marshall Sponder … and WAA Training Day is Sold Out !

Because of my involvement in Web Analytics Training Day (WAATD), I was interviewed by Marshall Sponder as part of his pre-Emetrics Summit coverage.

WAATD is a 5-session jam-packed day this Sunday, covering everything from the basics to integrated online marketing optimization, selecting your Web analytics weapons and getting support from your organization as you drag them along with you into the new and scary world of data-enabled accountable marketing.

As of this morning, WAATD is Sold Out!

Only 3 days before heading off to the Summit. Some say conferences are dead. This one’s alive and growing. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends from past Summits and SES conferences again, meeting in person [Tim Seward, Vicky Brock, Marshall], hearing Avinash speak again, and of course, attend the Special Web Analytics Wednesday Super Tuesday Event.

With 3 simultaneous tracks on the go, the only problem I’ll have when I’m not moderating will be figuring out which of the sessions to attend!

June Li


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  1. Avinash Kaushik October 12, 2006 at 1:05 am

    I am so impressed with Jim for keeping things so amazing at all the emetrics summits.

    See you in a few days! 🙂


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