Migrate from Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch? Why Should You Care About It?

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Migrate from Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch? Why Should You Care About It?

When Adobe Launch was announced, the message was clear: it would replace DTM (Dynamic Tag Management) as the new default tag manager for most Adobe clients. Clear milestones to turn off DTM’s functionality were provided by Adobe, so clients could smoothly transition to the new platform. Many did.

And yet, many other companies are still running all their analytics and marketing tags from DTM. Some organizations are struggling to do something about it, while others are well…not doing much.

If you fall in the second group, you’re the one running the digital marketing, marketing technology, or analytics shop in your organization and this piece of technology falls under your area of accountability, I would argue that you should start doing something about it. Now.

Many are not fully aware

I was surprised to learn after talking with a few clients and industry colleagues over the last few months that they weren’t fully aware what the DTM sunset plans mean for them.

It was a surprise for them to learn that by February 2021 their DTM configuration won’t be able to be modified, and that as early as April 2021 the DTM servers will be turned off for good, together with all tags and configuration.

On top of that they’re having difficulty convincing their executives of the value this tool provides given its “under the hood” nature, and that a DTM to Launch migration isn’t so visible as other projects.

Others are struggling…

Despite extensions of DTM’s sunset milestones, large and small organizations are struggling to complete the Launch upgrade due to shifting priorities from the impact of COVID-19.

These challenges are understandable; no one was prepared to adjust to the unanticipated developments that transpired globally in 2020.

Changing a platform isn’t an easy task in normal situations. Competing priorities, hiring freezes and lack of in-house resources with the right level of expertise can cause delay on any project. Migrating your tag management solution from DTM to Launch is no exception.

Is your business migrating?

Yes, at least for now DTM is still working. But the clock is ticking and the DTM sunset deadline is approaching.

If you call the shots regarding your organization’s marketing technology, it’s time to come to terms with a very important realization: If DTM to Launch migration is not given priority now, you’re risking that the migration may not happen in time for April 2021. In the worst-case scenario, not giving priority to this DTM to Launch migration now means that all of your marketing tags will stop running, you’ll lose all the configuration in DTM, your crucial data will be lost and can’t ever be recovered.

Now is the time to migrate to the new platform.


Either because you are forced to make changes in your digital platform, or because you want to take advantage of all what Adobe Launch has to offer, this is the best opportunity to complete your migration plans so you’ll have enough time to implement the changes without losing data.

In my next post I’ll take a look at the different options and key consideration you have to keep in mind when you migrate from DTM to Launch including some concrete alternatives to get things done despite some of your organization’s current limitations.

Yes, migrating can be a bumpy road. However, there’s always help along the way. Please do reach out if you have questions or if there is something, we can do to help you within your journey.

Maybe there are other reasons why you have not migrated yet. Please share it with us if that’s the case. We would love to hear from you.

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