Managing the Explosion in Data – CMA Roundtable

Managing the Explosion in Data – CMA Roundtable

“…Although getting results has become easier, extracting appropriate and actionable insight remains a challenge…”

You might think the above is referencing Web analytics.


It’s a snippet describing a marketing technology and database marketing roundtable I’m moderating on November 27 for the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA). Titled Managing the Explosion in Data Roundtable: Empowering Marketing Intelligence, I’m really looking forward to the event and am honoured to participate. Four panelists will be kicking off the event, followed by open discussion with those in attendance. The panelists are:

They’ll discuss the challenges marketers are facing with the explosion of data analytics and constantly emerging technologies:

  • How do we handle the increasing volume of information available from digital marketing?
  • How do we marry measurement and marketing process with technology as we wrestle with the complexity of analyzing cross-channel marketing that includes the Internet?
  • What new forms of analysis do we need to evaluate emerging arenas such as social media activity?

Really looking forward to the event. It’ll be tough to moderate and not debate 🙂

June Li



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