Manageable New Year’s Analytics Resolution #3: Share Your Learnings

Manageable New Year’s Analytics Resolution #3: Share Your Learnings

Man with SpeakerResolution #1 was “Test Your Pages”.
Resolution #2 was “Ask Your Web Visitors about Their Experience”.

Resolution #3 is “Share Your Learnings“. Share in a way that will get engage your listeners, your organization and grab their interest.

Share the results of your page testing adventures.
Share the results of what your web visitors say about their experience on their website.

But don’t just create a boring powerpoint presentation.
In fact, try doing this without a powerpoint.

Create a story.
With drama.
What did you think you’d learn?
What did you actually learn?
What will you do next?
What should everyone stay tuned for?
What you want to do is create interest in analytics, and evolve working with analytics so that it’s not boring stacks of reports but “contagious fun”, as Kim Johnston of Symantec enthusiastically described in her eMetrics Washington keynote (see summarized post).

So how do you get started? The above is pretty abstract. Difficult to get started with. And we analysts, we’re pretty methodical and like frameworks and examples to analyze and learn from.

A great resource is “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath. Lots of examples of stories that resonate with audiences and don’t, and analysis of why. Six principles of sticky SUCCESs (read about them here in the book excerpt, and then buy the book) that will help you create stories of analytics adventures as memorable as urban legends like the “kidney heist” (see the book excerpt) and Aesop’s Fables.

Your thoughts? Your stories?

June Li

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