Keyboard Shortcuts for Data Studio

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Data Studio

Do you find yourself always crunched for time on the job?

Whether it be Ctrl+CCtrl+V or Ctrl+Z, chances are you are already using keyboard shortcuts to save time throughout your work day. Let’s think about the math:

  • On average, shortcuts can save you 1 second per minute
  • An 8 hour workday is equal 480 minutes
  • A 50 work-week year is equal to 250 days, or 120,000 minutes

When you divide out the numbers, keyboard shortcuts can save you over 33 hours per year!

Data Studio is no stranger to keyboard shortcuts, either. Whether it be copying, pasting, or refreshing the data source, there are many shortcuts to take advantage of.

Basic Data Studio Shortcuts

You may already be familiar with many of the basic Data Studio shortcuts, as they can also be used in most computer programs:

Function Windows Mac
Copy Ctrl + C ⌘+C
Paste Ctrl + V ⌘+V
Undo Ctrl + Z ⌘+Z
Redo Ctrl + Y ⌘+Y
Select All Ctrl + A ⌘+A
Bold Ctrl + B ⌘+B
Italics Ctrl + I ⌘+I
Underline Ctrl + U ⌘+U

Advanced Shortcuts

Data Studio also leverages some more advanced shortcuts, in addition to some tool-specific ones:

Function Windows Mac
Group Ctrl + G ⌘ + G
Ungroup Ctrl + Shift + G ⌘ + Shift + G
Bring to Front Ctrl + Shift + ↑ ⌘ + Shift + ↑
Bring Forward Ctrl + ↑ ⌘ + ↑
Send to Back Ctrl + Shift ↓ ⌘ + Shift + ↓
Send Backward Ctrl + ↓ ⌘ + ↓
Refresh Data Source Ctrl + Shift + E ⌘ + Shift + E

In addition to the above keyboard shortcuts,
Data Studio also allows you to easily copy the style of a chart, and apply it to another. Rather than manually matching the style of each chart, simply copy the style features of one chart to another:

  1. Copy the first chart—either right click to copy and paste, or Ctrl+C to save even more time!
  2. Click the chart you wish to transfer the style to; right click, and select Paste special > Paste style only

    You will now have two charts with the same style, making it much easier to create visually consistent reports!

Have any Data Studio shortcuts that make your life easier? Let us know in the comments below!

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