Inside A Marketer’s Toolbox: Google Data Studio

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Inside A Marketer’s Toolbox: Google Data Studio

Are you looking for an easy way to connect your data when creating reports? Have you ever wanted to look at the literal “big picture” of your marketing data?

Google Data Studio is a visualization tool that allows you to transform your data into interactive reports and dashboards. Showcasing your data visually makes it easier to consume, allowing you to quickly process the information. This makes the data easier to read, allowing you to gain a quick understanding of the story and highlight any issues to further investigate at a glance.

Still not convinced? Here are 4 more reasons why marketers should use Data Studio:

1. The Price is Right —Free!

Data Studio is the only free tool on the market with such extensive capability. With an unlimited number of reports and no costs associated, you are free to experiment and play around as much as you like to determine whether it fits your needs.

2. It’s Easy to Use

If you are familiar with Google’s other tools (i.e. Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Analytics), the interface is very similar and easy to get started with. Data Studio’s drag and drop functionality and sample templates make it easy to learn.

3. Keep Your Data in One Place

When displaying marketing results, you may want to show multiple data sources in one report. For example, Data Studio allows you to create a report that contains data from different sources — perhaps Google Analytics, AdWords, social media accounts, and many more. Data Studio also allows you to upload your data with the click of a few buttons, eliminating the need to manually enter it.

With the built-in connectors developed by Google and the growing list of Community Connectors, you can easily connect to the data source of your choice. If you find yourself looking for a connector that is nowhere to be found, it is possible to build your own too!

Check out this awesome Star Wars API that provides a data viz of everything from the fastest spaceship in the galaxy to the eye colour of your favourite characters!

4. Create Reports You Will Want to Share

Similar to sharing a Google Drive asset, you can easily share your interactive Data Studio reports with anyone, and assign either view or edit access to their Google accounts. Edit access allows you to collaborate with anyone by working on the same report at the same time, rather than emailing a file back and forth. With view access, you can still send interactive reports, but avoid any changes being made. You can also utilize the sharing feature by sending Data Studio reports and dashboards to inexperienced Google Analytics (GA) users. Those who receive view access can easily view GA data through the Data Studio report, without needing access to your GA account or experience using GA.

Want to learn more about the capabilities of Google Data Studio? Check out our upcoming Data Studio Course.

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