Improved Google Analytics User Access Controls

Improved Google Analytics User Access Controls

New Google Analytics User Access ControlsToday Google announced long awaited improved Access Controls for Google Analytics.  Google will be rolling this capability out over the next few weeks to all accounts.

Understanding how this works is critical for enterprise level management of Google Analytics.

Access Privileges Current
– Can look at reports.
– Can create Dashboards, Advanced Segments,
  Custom Reports, Shortcuts, & Export.
User View
Business Lead/Marketer
– Can add or delete ‘View Only’ Users.
– Cannot edit goals, or add/delete profiles,
– Cannot add data sources, remarketing lists, etc.
Manage Users
– Can edit goals, profiles, users, accounts,
  data sources, remarketing lists.
Administrator Edit

Not only is there an additional middle tier of user privileges Manage Users, these controls can also be applied at the Account, Property and Profile levels.

Use Google Analytics' New Enhanced Access Controls to Properly Safeguard Your Google Analytics Data.Currently, an Administrator of at the Property Level has Administrator access to all Profiles.

With the new access controls, a user with Super User Edit privileges at the Account or Property can assign someone else Edit access to just one a specific Profile (mini super-user).

For more information, take a look at:

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